What We Call Sexy (EP)

What We Call Sexy (EP)

Released: February 4, 2011

A Glampocalyptic Rocksplosion played by spies from the future!

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1. Shine On ('til the Shine Comes Off) Play video
2. Who Are These People? No video
3. Puppet Government No video
4. Oaxaca Play video
5. Up to My Elbows No video
6. This Jam is Fucking Awesome Play video

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    • LA Weekly

      The band you want to see if “the world is ending tonight,” and they’ve even got a song about it.

      — Lina Lecaro,

      L.A. Weekly

    • bitcandy

      Local LA band Super Duper just wants to play some funky rock and roll tunes and have a good time, man. This song sounds like the kind of house party everyone wants to go to, but no one can ever find. Plus I’m a sucker for trumpet. The lead singer’s voice ain’t too shabby either.

      — Glitch,


    • poly

      People can expect to see seven-foot puppets, crazy laser light shows, fun with LEDs, a cage match and one front man who really just loves Lady Gaga; they are something of their own. Definitely one of those bands you have to see live before you fall in love with them.

      — Brittany Ritzi,

      The Poly Post

    • Jet Set Jen

      Super Duper contributed a wacky and exciting set that concluded with a pleasantly odd version of “Welcome to the Jungle,” with a tease of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

      — Andy J. Gordon,

      Jet Set Jen

    • Thrillist

      Super Duper’s live shows are laden with over-the-top craziness ranging from giant puppet costumes to insane songs about sex at parties [and] random things they deem awesome, all with on-stage energy driven by a duo they call the “horn stars”, who you just know have a ton of sax.

      — Los Angeles


    • Discover Magazine

      Super Duper has composed a song inspired by a post of mine on the gorey glam of Ampulex compressa, the emerald cockroach wasp.

      — Carl Zimmer,

      Discover Magazine



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